In addition to the statutory standard warranty, the following warranty conditions apply from delivery: Frager GmbH grants a 3-year guarantee on all printer consumables supplied by us. Colori printer supplies are warranted for 5 years.

There is no claim to warranty, if the defects of the goods are due to improper insertion/installation, disregard of operating or installation instructions, lack of care or misuse.


If any warranty claims covered by the warranty occur during the warranty period, if these are communicated to us in writing upon presentation of the invoice (address: Frager GmbH, Londoner Str. 11, 48455 Bad Bentheim) and verified, then the guarantee service takes place after our choice either by replacement of the defective parts or by reimbursement of the purchase sum.

Since toner and ink cartridges are consumables, we reserve the right to bill the used part pro rata.

The warranty is only for damage to the subject of the contract itself. Reimbursement of expenses for disassembly, installation, diagnosis and claims for loss of profit and damages are excluded from the guarantee.

The invoice is proof of the guarantee.

Additional shipping costs will not be charged within the warranty period, insofar as these are in connection with the performance of the guarantee.

Exchanged or replaced parts become our property.

If a warranty claim occurs, we are to be informed without delay. The buyer has everything to do to limit the damage. Devices which continue to suffer damage from the further use of the consumables are to be taken out of service until the damage has been remedied.

Changes to the delivered goods or improper use of the warranty expires.

In addition to the warranty, there are the legal warranty rights of the buyer, which are not limited by these warranty conditions. As part of the statutory warranty, the consumer is entitled to repair or replacement at his own option. If the supplementary performance fails, the consumer can, at his option, demand a reduction of the remuneration (reduction), damages instead of the performance or cancellation (cancellation) of the contract.
The warranty period for consumers is 2 years from the date of delivery of the goods.

These warranty conditions and the 3 years (5 years at Colori) warranty period are only valid for end users.

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