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Welcome to our online shop

We offer a wide range of printer cartridges, ink, toner, image drums and other printer accessories. We offer most of the toner cartridges and ink cartridges both as original manufacturer goods as well as less expensive compatible replacement products.

Inkjet Printers and Laser Printers: What's the difference?

There are mainly 2 types of printers: inkjet printers that work with ink (liquid) and laser printers that use toner (powder).

With inkjet printers, the ink is injected very precisely onto the paper through hundreds of nozzles (injectors) at high pressure. The printer cartridges are the container of the ink, which can be easily and quickly replaced as soon as the ink is used up.

Ink cartridges are divided into 2 types: pure ink containers with a detection and level indicator chip and more complex ink cartridges complete with built-in printhead.

The cheapest printers often use this 2nd kind of printer cartridges with an integrated printhead. These must be completely replaced when the ink is used up. The cartridges with integrated printhead are available as original manufacturer goods and also often as recycled (empty) original cartridges. Reproduction new cartridges are generally not allowed here due to patent rights on the printheads.

Printers with a separate print head and ink tanks usually cost a little more. Here, however, the colors can be exchanged individually when changing the ink cartridges and there is no need to change the printhead each time. These printers are a bit more expensive to buy, but the cost of the ink cartridges are much lower here. These ink tanks are usually available as original and inexpensive compatible replica cartridges.

In laser printers, toner powder is transferred to the paper and solidified on the paper by means of a heater (in the fuser unit). The toner cartridges contain the toner powder and can be easily and quickly changed once the toner powder is used up.

There are many different types of toner cartridges, depending on the manufacturer and design of the device. The simplest cartridges are pure bottles of toner powder that can be used in the device. More complicated cartridges also include wearing parts such as e.g. the image drum, which in these cases will always be replaced automatically when replacing the toner cartridge to ensure optimum print quality.

Laser printer or inkjet printer: What is recommended?

The advantages of laser printers have always been speed and print quality, especially when printing on plain A4 paper. Laser printers were therefore also recommended for business applications. Disadvantage of these devices was above all the somewhat higher price.

Inkjet printers have historically been more suitable for home use because the devices were less expensive and suitable for smaller print volumes. In addition, inkjet printers are particularly suitable for printing high quality photos (using special photo paper grades).

In recent years, inkjet printers have become much faster and are now also recommended for business applications. Another advantage of inkjet printers over laser printers is that they do not produce particulate matter.

On the other hand, laser printers have become much cheaper in recent years, so that the two types of printers have come much closer then before.

Original or Compatible: What should I buy?

Our advice here depends on many things. Which printer do you have? What do you print with it? How much do you print with your printer? Which requirements do you have? How much are you ready to spend?

Are compatible printer cartridges and toner just as good as original cartridges?
Short answer: No, of course not. The devices have been designed by the printer manufacturer to be used in combination with the original ink cartridges / toner cartridges. Therefore, these will always give the most optimal result.

BUT this does not mean that compatible printer cartridges and toner are bad. The majority of users, except in their wallet, will find no differences in almost all applications. In addition, the savings through the use of compatible printer cartridges are usually enormous.

How is it possible that savings made by compatible toner / cartridges can be so enormous?
We get this question every day: These compatible cartridges are so cheap, how is this possible? How can it be that a printer cartridge does not even cost 10% of the original price? This can not be good quality, right?

There are many reasons why we can offer our compatible printer cartridges and toner so cheaply. The main reason: First and foremost, it is not the compatible cartridges that are so cheap, but the original goods that are often sold extremely expensive. So the main reason for the huge savings is the often absurdly high price of the original cartridges.

Printer manufacturers usually sell the devices at cost, without profit. The profits must then be made through the inkcartridges and tonercartridges. As soon as you have purchased the device, you will of necessity have to buy replacement cartridges for it later…

When original, when compatible?

As noted above, the difference between the original and compatible printer cartridges and toners will be barely visible to most users. When do we still recommend original goods?

If color fastness / accuracy are important (for example in professional applications / printing works or similar). Although most users will not see the differences, the exact colors may differ a little between  compatible and original cartridges. This is often only recognizable after the two print patterns have been juxtaposed.

If UV protection / longevity of the print pattern is important: If images are printed that need to be well preserved in 10 to 20 years, we would also recommend to the original, because the UV protection, etc. is often better guaranteed.

We also recommend original goods if you print very little with an inkjet printer and the printer may not be used for a longer period in between. If you print a little, the cost of cartridges is less relevant than for frequent users. Inkjet printers can dry out if not used for a long time. This can happen with both original and compatible cartridges, but the original cartridges are a bit less sensitive here.

If money does not matter and you only want the best, we also advise you to purchase original cartridges.

If the price difference between original and compatible is less than about 30%. Although the savings are usually much more than 30%, there are also products where the difference is smaller. If the savings are small, we recommend the original here as well.

In most other cases, we usually recommend compatible products. Especially if you only print business documents such as emails, invoices, delivery notes, contracts, offers etc. the compatible products are optimally suited and highly recommended.

Loss of warranty when using compatible printer cartridges / toner?
It is often said that using compatible cartridges voids the manufacturer's warranty on the device. Is this the truth or not? Basically, the manufacturer's warranty is maintained even when using non-original printer cartridges and toner cartridges. Of course, this will change if the non-genuine print cartridge / toner cartridge has damaged the device / is the cause of the defect. In such a case, we are liable as the supplier for the equipment damage that has occurred. However, if e.g. If the display of the printer or the paper feeder is defective (within the warranty period), the full manufacturer's warranty will of course remain unchanged.

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