DR-Type LC-Type TN-Type TZE-Type
Other Type      
DCP Type HL Type HL-S Type P-Touch Type
DCP-J Type HL-J Type MFC Type Other Type
DCP-L Type HL-L Type MFC-J Type  
Fax Type HL-P Type MFC-L Type  
DCP Type      
DCP-1000 DCP-330 DCP-6490CW DCP-8085
DCP-105C DCP-330 Series DCP-660CN DCP-8085DN
DCP-110 Series DCP-330C DCP-6690CW DCP-8100 Series
DCP-110C DCP-330CN DCP-680CN DCP-8110
DCP-115C DCP-340 Series DCP-7010 DCP-8110DN
DCP-116C DCP-340CW DCP-7010L DCP-8155
DCP-117C DCP-340DCW DCP-7020 DCP-8155DN
DCP-1200 DCP-350 Series DCP-7025 DCP-8250
DCP-120C DCP-350C DCP-7030 DCP-8250DN
DCP-130C DCP-350CJ DCP-7032 DCP-8800 Series
DCP-135C DCP-353C DCP-7040 DCP-8880
DCP-1400 DCP-357C DCP-7045N DCP-8880DN
DCP-145C DCP-365CN DCP-7055 DCP-8890DW
DCP-150C DCP-370 Series DCP-7055W DCP-8950
DCP-1510 DCP-373CW DCP-7057 DCP-9010
DCP-1510E DCP-375CW DCP-7060 DCP-9010CN
DCP-1512 DCP-377CW DCP-7060D DCP-9015
DCP-1512A DCP-380 Series DCP-7060DN DCP-9015CDW
DCP-153C DCP-383C DCP-7060N DCP-9017
DCP-157C DCP-385C DCP-7065 DCP-9017CDW
DCP-160 Series DCP-387C DCP-7065DN DCP-9020
DCP-1601 DCP-395CN DCP-7065N DCP-9020CDW
DCP-1610 DCP-453C DCP-7070 DCP-9022
DCP-1610W DCP-520 Series DCP-7070DW DCP-9022CDW
DCP-1610WE DCP-525C DCP-750CW DCP-9040
DCP-1612 DCP-525CJ DCP-770CW DCP-9040CN
DCP-1612W DCP-530 Series DCP-8010DN DCP-9042
DCP-1612WVB DCP-530CJ DCP-8020 DCP-9042CDN
DCP-1616NW DCP-535C DCP-8020C DCP-9042CN
DCP-163C DCP-535CN DCP-8025D DCP-9045
DCP-165C DCP-540 DCP-8025DN DCP-9045CDN
DCP-167C DCP-540 Series DCP-8040 DCP-9045CN
DCP-185C DCP-540CJ DCP-8040LT DCP-9055
DCP-190 Series DCP-540CN DCP-8045D DCP-9055CDN
DCP-195C DCP-540N DCP-8045DN DCP-9270
DCP-197 DCP-550CJ DCP-8060 DCP-9270CDN
DCP-197C DCP-560 DCP-8060N DCP-9440
DCP-260C DCP-560CN DCP-8065 DCP-9440CN
DCP-310 Series DCP-560N DCP-8065DN DCP-9840
DCP-310C DCP-585 DCP-8070 DCP-9840CDW
DCP-310CN DCP-585C DCP-8070D  
DCP-315CN DCP-585CW DCP-8080DN  
DCP-J Type      
DCP-J1100 DCP-J315W DCP-J562 DCP-J774
DCP-J125 DCP-J4110 DCP-J572 DCP-J785
DCP-J132W DCP-J4110W DCP-J715W DCP-J785W
DCP-J140W DCP-J4120 DCP-J725 DCP-J890
DCP-J150 Series DCP-J4120DW DCP-J725DW DCP-J890DW
DCP-J152 DCP-J515W DCP-J752 DCP-J895
DCP-J172 DCP-J552 DCP-J772 DCP-J925DW
DCP-L Type      
DCP-L2110 DCP-L2537DW DCP-L5500D DCP-L6600
DCP-L2110D DCP-L2540 DCP-L5500DN DCP-L6600DW
DCP-L2500 DCP-L2540DN DCP-L5502 DCP-L8400
DCP-L2500 Series DCP-L2550 DCP-L5502DN DCP-L8400CDN
DCP-L2500D DCP-L2550DN DCP-L5600 DCP-L8400CDW
DCP-L2510 DCP-L2560 DCP-L5600DN DCP-L8410
DCP-L2510D DCP-L2560DW DCP-L5602 DCP-L8410CDN
DCP-L2520 DCP-L2700DW DCP-L5602DN DCP-L8410CDW
DCP-L2520DW DCP-L3510CDW DCP-L5650 DCP-L8450
DCP-L2530DW DCP-L3550CDW DCP-L5652  
DCP-L2537 DCP-L5500 DCP-L5652DN  
Fax Type      
Fax 1000P Fax 2750 Fax 8000P Fax T76
Fax 1010 Fax 2820 Fax 800P Fax T78
Fax 1010E Fax 2820ML Fax 8050P Fax T7Plus
Fax 1010Plus Fax 2820P Fax 8060P Fax T82
Fax 1020 Fax 2825 Fax 8070 Fax T84
Fax 1020E Fax 2825ML Fax 8070P Fax T86
Fax 1020P Fax 2840 Fax 8200 Series Fax T92
Fax 1020Plus Fax 2840C Fax 8200P Fax T94
Fax 1030 Fax 2845 Fax 8250P Fax T96
Fax 1030E Fax 2910 Fax 8300 Series Fax T98
Fax 1030P Fax 2920 Fax 8350P Fax V1
Fax 1030Plus Fax 2920ML Fax 8360P Fax V-1
Fax 1150P Fax 2920P Fax 8360PLT Fax 8350P
Fax 1170 Fax 2920PS Fax 8650P Fax 8360P
Fax 1200P Fax 2940 Fax 870 Fax 8360PLT
Fax 1270 Fax 2950 Fax 870MC Fax 8750P
Fax 1300 Series Fax 333 Fax 8750P Fax 8760P
Fax 1355 Fax 333Super Fax 910 Fax T102
Fax 1360 Fax 3550 Fax 917 Fax T104
Fax 1460 Fax 3750 Fax 920 Fax T106
Fax 1560 Fax 4100 Fax 920W Fax T70
Fax 1570MC Fax 4100E Fax 921 Fax T72
Fax 1700P Fax 4550MC Fax 930 Fax T74
Fax 1835C Fax 4750 Fax 931 Fax T76
Fax 1840C Fax 4750E Fax 940 Fax T78
Fax 1840CN Fax 5750 Fax 940Email Fax T7Plus
Fax 1860C Fax 5750E Fax 940E-Mail Fax T82
Fax 1940C Fax 580MC Fax 9500 Fax T84
Fax 1940CN Fax 6550MC Fax T100 Series Fax T86
Fax 1960C Fax 750 Fax T102 Fax T92
Fax 2440C Fax 7550MC Fax T104 Fax T94
Fax 2480 Fax 760 Fax T106 Fax T96
Fax 2480C Fax 770 Fax T72 Fax T98
Fax 2580C Fax 775 Fax T74  
HL Type      
HL-1030 HL-1870NLT HL-3170 HL-5340DNLT
HL-1030P HL-2020 HL-3170CDW HL-5340DW
HL-1030Plus HL-2030 HL-3172 HL-5350
HL-1040 HL-2030R HL-3172CDW HL-5350DN
HL-1040DX HL-2032 HL-4000CN HL-5350DN2LT
HL-1050 HL-2032DN HL-4040 HL-5350DNLT
HL-1050DX HL-2035 HL-4040CDNLT HL-5370
HL-1060 HL-2035R HL-4040CDW HL-5370DW
HL-1070 HL-2037 HL-4040CN HL-5370W
HL-1110 HL-2040 HL-4050 HL-5380
HL-1110E HL-2040N HL-4050CDN HL-5380D
HL-1110R HL-2040R HL-4050CDNLT HL-5380DN
HL-1112 HL-2050 HL-4050CDW HL-5380DNLT
HL-1112A HL-2070N HL-4050CN HL-5380DNPraxis
HL-1200 HL-2070NR HL-4070 HL-5380DW
HL-1200DX HL-2130 HL-4070CDW HL-5380DWLT
HL-1200E HL-2130R HL-4070CN HL-5400
HL-1200NE HL-2132 HL-4100 Series HL-5400 Series
HL-1200NTR HL-2132R HL-4140CN HL-5440
HL-1200PS HL-2135W HL-4150 HL-5440 Series
HL-1201 HL-2140 HL-4150CDN HL-5440D
HL-1210 HL-2150 HL-4200CN HL-5450
HL-1210W HL-2150N HL-4500 Series HL-5450D
HL-1210WVBP HL-2150NR HL-4570 HL-5450DN
HL-1211W HL-2150W HL-4570CDW HL-5450DNT
HL-1212 HL-2170N HL-4570CDWT HL-5470
HL-1212W HL-2170W HL-5000 Series HL-5470DW
HL-1212WVB HL-2170WR HL-5024 HL-5470DWT
HL-1220 HL-2200 Series HL-5030 HL-5480DW
HL-1230 HL-2215 HL-5040 HL-5580
HL-1240 HL-2220 HL-5040HL-5040N HL-5580D
HL-1240DX HL-2230 HL-5040N HL-5585
HL-1240N HL-2240 HL-5050 HL-5585D
HL-1250 HL-2240D HL-5050LT HL-5590
HL-1250DLT HL-2240DN HL-5070 HL-5590DN
HL-1250LT HL-2240DR HL-5070N HL-6050
HL-1270 HL-2240L HL-5070NLT HL-6050D
HL-1270N HL-2240TD HL-5100 Series HL-6050DLT
HL-1270NLT HL-2250 HL-5130 HL-6050DN
HL-1400 Series HL-2250DN HL-5140 HL-6050DNLT
HL-1420 HL-2250DNR HL-5140LT HL-6050DW
HL-1430 HL-2250N HL-5150D HL-6050N
HL-1435 HL-2270 HL-5150DLT HL-6050W
HL-1440 HL-2270DW HL-5170 HL-6100
HL-1450 HL-2275DW HL-5170DLT HL-6100 Series
HL-1450DLT HL-2280DW HL-5170DN HL-6180
HL-1450LT HL-2310 HL-5170DNLT HL-6180DW
HL-1470 HL-2600C HL-5200 HL-6180DWT
HL-1470LT HL-2600CN HL-5200 Series HL-700
HL-1470N HL-2700C HL-5240 HL-7050
HL-1470NLT HL-2700CN HL-5240DN HL-7050N
HL-1600 HL-2700CNLT HL-5240DNLT HL-7050NLDT
HL-1600DX HL-3000 Series HL-5240L HL-7050NLT
HL-1600E HL-3040CN HL-5250 HL-720
HL-1600NE HL-3040N HL-5250DN HL-720 Laserplus
HL-1600NTR HL-3045CN HL-5250DNHY HL-720 Series
HL-1600PS HL-3070CN HL-5250DNLT HL-720E
HL-1630 HL-3070CW HL-5270DN HL-730
HL-1640 HL-3075CW HL-5270DN2LT HL-730 Laserplus
HL-1650 HL-3140 HL-5270DNLT HL-730 LaserplusDX
HL-1650DN HL-3140CW HL-5280 HL-730 Series
HL-1650N HL-3142 HL-5280DW HL-730DX
HL-1670 HL-3142CDW HL-5280DWLT HL-730Plus
HL-1670N HL-3142CW HL-5300 Series HL-760
HL-1670NLT HL-3145 HL-5320 HL-760 Laserplus
HL-1800 Series HL-3150 HL-5340 HL-760 Series
HL-1820 HL-3150CDN HL-5340D HL-760DX
HL-1850 HL-3150CDW HL-5340DL HL-760Plus
HL-1850N HL-3152 HL-5340DN HL-820
HL-1870 HL-3152CDW HL-5340DN2LT HL-820
HL-J Type      
HL-J6000 HL-J6000DW HL-J6100 HL-J6100DW
HL-L Type      
HL-L2300 HL-L2375 HL-L5100DN HL-L8260CDW
HL-L2300 Series HL-L2375DW HL-L5100DNT HL-L8260OW
HL-L2300D HL-L2380DW HL-L5100DNTT HL-L8300 Series
HL-L2310 HL-L3210 HL-L5200 HL-L8350
HL-L2310D HL-L3210CW HL-L5200DW HL-L8350CDN
HL-L2320D HL-L3230 HL-L5200DWT HL-L8350CDW
HL-L2321D HL-L3230CDW HL-L6250 HL-L8350CDWT
HL-L2340 HL-L3270 HL-L6250DN HL-L8360
HL-L2350 HL-L3280CDW HL-L6300 HL-L9200
HL-L2350DW HL-L3290 HL-L6300DW HL-L9200CDWT
HL-L2357DW HL-L3290CDW HL-L6300DWT HL-L9300
HL-L2360 HL-L3750 HL-L6400 HL-L9300CDWTT
HL-L2360DN HL-L3750CDW HL-L6400DW HL-L9310
HL-L2360DW HL-L3770 HL-L6400DWT HL-L9310 Series
HL-L2365 HL-L5000 HL-L8250 HL-L9310CDWT
HL-L2365DW HL-L5000D HL-L8250CDN HL-L9310CDWTT
HL-L2370 HL-L5100 HL-L8260 HL-L9310CF
HL-P Type      
HL-P2000 HL-P2500 HL-P2600 HL-P8600
HL-S Type      
HL-S7000 HL-S7000DN100 HL-S7000DN50 HL-S7000DN70
MFC Type      
MFC-1025 MFC-490 Series MFC-7860 MFC-9060
MFC-1150 MFC-490C MFC-7860DN MFC-9070
MFC-1170 MFC-490CN MFC-7860DW MFC-9120CN
MFC-1180ME MFC-490CW MFC-790 Series MFC-9125CN
MFC-1185LH MFC-5440CN MFC-790CW MFC-9130CW
MFC-1190CE MFC-5460CN MFC-795CW MFC-9140
MFC-1195B MFC-5490CN MFC-800P MFC-9140CDN
MFC-1250 MFC-560CN MFC-820CW MFC-9142
MFC-1270 MFC-5840CN MFC-8220 MFC-9142CDN
MFC-1270E MFC-5860CN MFC-8240 MFC-9160
MFC-1350 MFC-5890 MFC-8240LT MFC-9170
MFC-1450MC MFC-5890CN MFC-8300 MFC-9180
MFC-1650 MFC-5895 MFC-830CLN MFC-9181
MFC-1700P MFC-5895CW MFC-830CLWN MFC-925
MFC-1750 MFC-610 Series MFC-8370 MFC-9320CN
MFC-1770 MFC-610CLN MFC-8370DN MFC-9320CW
MFC-1780 MFC-610CLWN MFC-8380DLT MFC-9325CW
MFC-1810 MFC-610CN MFC-8380DN MFC-9330
MFC-1815 MFC-615CL MFC-8380DNLT MFC-9330CDW
MFC-1850 MFC-620 MFC-8420 MFC-9332
MFC-1850MC MFC-620 Series MFC-8440 MFC-9332CDW
MFC-1870 MFC-620CLN MFC-8440D MFC-9332CW
MFC-1870MC MFC-620CN MFC-8440DN MFC-9340
MFC-1910 MFC-640CW MFC-8440LT MFC-9340CDW
MFC-1910W MFC-6490CW MFC-8440N MFC-9342
MFC-1911NW MFC-6500 Series MFC-845CW MFC-9342CDW
MFC-1950 MFC-6550 MFC-8460DN MFC-9420
MFC-1950MC MFC-6550MC MFC-8460N MFC-9420CLNT
MFC-1950Plus MFC-6550Plus MFC-8480DN MFC-9420CN
MFC-1970 MFC-660CN MFC-8500 MFC-9420CNLT
MFC-1970MC MFC-660MC MFC-8500J MFC-9420DN
MFC-210 Series MFC-6650 MFC-8510 MFC-9429Cnlt
MFC-210C MFC-6650J MFC-8510DN MFC-9440CDW
MFC-215C MFC-6650MC MFC-8515DN MFC-9440CN
MFC-235C MFC-665CW MFC-8520 MFC-9445CDN
MFC-240C MFC-6690CW MFC-8520DN MFC-9450
MFC-250 Series MFC-6750 MFC-8550 MFC-9450CDN
MFC-250C MFC-6800 MFC-8550DW MFC-9450CDW
MFC-255CW MFC-6800J MFC-8600 MFC-9450CLT
MFC-260C MFC-680CN MFC-8600J MFC-9450CN
MFC-290 Series MFC-685CW MFC-8640D MFC-9460
MFC-290C MFC-6890CDW MFC-8660 MFC-9460CD
MFC-295CN MFC-6890CN MFC-8660DN MFC-9460CDN
MFC-295CW MFC-6890CW MFC-8670DN MFC-9460N
MFC-297C MFC-7220 MFC-8700 MFC-9465
MFC-3000 MFC-7220N MFC-8700CP MFC-9465CDN
MFC-3050 MFC-7225 MFC-870MC MFC-9500
MFC-3240C MFC-7225N MFC-8710DW MFC-9550
MFC-3240CN MFC-7240 MFC-8810DW MFC-9550P8000
MFC-3340C MFC-7290 MFC-8820 MFC-9560
MFC-3340CN MFC-7320 MFC-8820D MFC-9560CDN
MFC-3342CN MFC-7320W MFC-8820DN MFC-9560CDW
MFC-3360C MFC-7340 MFC-8825D MFC-9600
MFC-3550 MFC-7360 MFC-8840 MFC-9600J
MFC-3650 MFC-7360N MFC-8840D MFC-9650
MFC-410CN MFC-7360Ne MFC-8840DN MFC-9650N
MFC-420 Series MFC-7420 MFC-8840LT MFC-9660
MFC-420CN MFC-7420N MFC-885CN MFC-9660N
MFC-422C MFC-7440 MFC-885CW MFC-9680
MFC-425CN MFC-7440DN MFC-8860DN MFC-970
MFC-4300 MFC-7440N MFC-8860N MFC-9700
MFC-4300 Series MFC-7440W MFC-8870DW MFC-970MC
MFC-4350 MFC-7450 MFC-8880 MFC-9750
MFC-4350J MFC-7450N MFC-8880DN MFC-9760
MFC-440CN MFC-7460 MFC-8885DN MFC-9800
MFC-4450 MFC-7460DN MFC-8890 MFC-9800J
MFC-4450Plus MFC-7470D MFC-8890DW MFC-9840CDW
MFC-4550 MFC-7500 Series MFC-8910 MFC-9849CDN
MFC-4550J MFC-7525 MFC-8910DW MFC-9850
MFC-4550MC MFC-7550 MFC-8920 MFC-9860
MFC-4550Plus MFC-7550MC MFC-8950 MFC-9870
MFC-4600 MFC-7650 MFC-8950DW MFC-9880
MFC-4650 MFC-7650MC MFC-8950DWT MFC-9880N
MFC-465CN MFC-7750 MFC-9000 MFC-990CW
MFC-4800 MFC-7820 MFC-9010CN MFC-9970
MFC-4800J MFC-7820N MFC-9030 MFC-9970CDN
MFC-490 MFC-7840W MFC-9050 MFC-9970CDW
MFC-J Type      
MFC-J1100 Series MFC-J4420DW MFC-J5620DW MFC-J6730DW
MFC-J1140W MFC-J4425DW MFC-J5625 MFC-J680
MFC-J1150DW MFC-J4510 MFC-J5625DW MFC-J680DW
MFC-J1170DW MFC-J4510DW MFC-J5720 MFC-J6910
MFC-J1300 MFC-J460DW MFC-J5730 MFC-J6920
MFC-J1300DW MFC-J4610 MFC-J5730DW MFC-J6920DW
MFC-J220 MFC-J4610DW MFC-J5830DW MFC-J6925
MFC-J2330 MFC-J4620 MFC-J5910 MFC-J6925DW
MFC-J2330DW MFC-J4620DW MFC-J5910DW MFC-J6925W
MFC-J245 MFC-J4625 MFC-J5920 MFC-J6930
MFC-J265 MFC-J4625DW MFC-J5920DW MFC-J6930DW
MFC-J265W MFC-J470 MFC-J-5920DW MFC-J6935
MFC-J2730 MFC-J470DW MFC-J5930 MFC-J6935DW
MFC-J2730DW MFC-J4710 MFC-J5930DW MFC-J6945
MFC-J280 MFC-J4710DW MFC-J5945 MFC-J6945DW
MFC-J280W MFC-J475DW MFC-J5945DW MFC-J6947
MFC-J285DW MFC-J480 MFC-J615 MFC-J6947DW
MFC-J3530 MFC-J480DW MFC-J615W MFC-J825
MFC-J3530DW MFC-J485 MFC-J625 MFC-J825DW
MFC-J3930DW MFC-J490DW MFC-J650 MFC-J870
MFC-J410 Series MFC-J491DW MFC-J6510 MFC-J875DW
MFC-J415 MFC-J497 MFC-J6510DW MFC-J880
MFC-J430 MFC-J5320 MFC-J6520DW MFC-J885
MFC-J430W MFC-J5320DW MFC-J6530 MFC-J885DW
MFC-J4310DW MFC-J5330 MFC-J6530DW MFC-J890DW
MFC-J4320DWS MFC-J5335 MFC-J6710 MFC-J985
MFC-J4410 MFC-J5335DW MFC-J6710DW MFC-J985DW
MFC-J4410DW MFC-J5600 Series MFC-J6720  
MFC-J4420 MFC-J5620 MFC-J6720DW  
MFC-L Type      
MFC-L2700 Series MFC-L2740DW MFC-L5755 MFC-L8690
MFC-L2700DN MFC-L2750 MFC-L5800 MFC-L8690CDW
MFC-L2700DW MFC-L2750DW MFC-L5800DW MFC-L8850
MFC-L2701 MFC-L3710 MFC-L5802 MFC-L8850CDW
MFC-L2701DW MFC-L3710CW MFC-L5802DW MFC-L8900
MFC-L2710 MFC-L3740CDN MFC-L6800 MFC-L9500 Series
MFC-L2710DN MFC-L3750CDW MFC-L6800DW MFC-L9550
MFC-L2720 MFC-L5700 MFC-L6900 MFC-L9550CDWT
MFC-L2720DW MFC-L5700DN MFC-L6900DW MFC-L9570
MFC-L2730 MFC-L5700DW MFC-L6900DWT MFC-L9570 Series
MFC-L2740 MFC-L5750DW MFC-L8650  
P-Touch Type      
P-Touch 100 P-Touch 2400 P-Touch 7500VP P-Touch H300
P-Touch 1000 P-Touch 2400E P-Touch 750TDI P-Touch H300LI
P-Touch-1000 P-Touch 2420PC P-Touch 7600VP P-Touch H500
P-Touch 1000F P-Touch 2430PC P-Touch 80 P-Touch H500LI
P-Touch 1000G P-Touch 2450 P-Touch 8000 P-Touch P300BT
P-Touch 1000TCM P-Touch 2450CC P-Touch 80SCCP P-Touch P700
P-Touch 1005BTS P-Touch 2450DX P-Touch 85 P-Touch P710BT
P-Touch 1005F P-Touch 2460 P-Touch 90 P-Touch P750W
P-Touch 1005FB P-Touch 2470 P-Touch 900 P-Touch P750WSP
P-Touch 1010 P-Touch 2480 P-Touch 900F P-Touch P900W
P-Touch 1080 P-Touch 2500PC P-Touch 9200DX P-Touch P950NW
P-Touch 1090 P-Touch 2700VP P-Touch 9200PC P-Touch PC
P-Touch 1200 P-Touch 2730VP P-Touch 9400 P-Touch PT-P900
P-Touch 1200P P-Touch 300 P-Touch 9500PC P-Touch PT-P900NW
P-Touch 1230PC P-Touch 3000 P-Touch 9600 P-Touch PT-P900W
P-Touch 1250 P-Touch 310 P-Touch 9700PC P-Touch PT-P950
P-Touch 1250J P-Touch 340 P-Touch 9800PCN P-Touch PT-P950NW
P-Touch 1250Jordan P-Touch 340C P-Touch BB4 P-Touch PT-P950W
P-Touch 1250S P-Touch 350 P-Touch ColorVC-500 P-Touch QL1050
P-Touch 1250VPS P-Touch 3600 P-Touch ColorVC-500W P-Touch QL1050A1
P-Touch 1260VP P-Touch 400VP P-Touch Cube P-Touch QL1050N
P-Touch 1280 P-Touch 500 P-Touch CubePlus P-Touch QL1050NA1
P-Touch 1280CB P-Touch 5000 P-Touch D200 P-Touch QL1060
P-Touch 1280DT P-Touch 500II P-Touch D200BW P-Touch QL1060N
P-Touch 1280VP P-Touch 530 P-Touch D200BWVP P-Touch QL1100
P-Touch 1290 P-Touch 540 P-Touch D200VP P-Touch QL1110NWB
P-Touch 1290DT P-Touch 540C P-Touch D200WNVP P-Touch QL500
P-Touch 1290VP P-Touch 55 P-Touch D210 P-Touch QL500A
P-Touch 1750 P-Touch 550 P-Touch D210VP P-Touch QL500BS
P-Touch 1800 P-Touch 55BM P-Touch D400 P-Touch QL500BW
P-Touch 1800E P-Touch 55S P-Touch D450VP P-Touch QL550
P-Touch 1830VP P-Touch 65 P-Touch D600VP P-Touch QL560
P-Touch 1850 P-Touch 65SB P-Touch D800W P-Touch QL-560P
P-Touch 1850CC P-Touch 65SCCP P-Touch E110 P-Touch QL560VP
P-Touch 1850E P-Touch 65SL P-Touch E110VP P-Touch QL560YX
P-Touch 1850VP P-Touch 666TD P-Touch E300VP P-Touch QL570
P-Touch 18R P-Touch 70 P-Touch E500VP P-Touch QL580N
P-Touch 18rg1 P-Touch 7000 P-Touch E550WVP P-Touch QL650TD
P-Touch 1950VP P-Touch 70BM P-Touch GL-100 P-Touch QL700
P-Touch 2 P-Touch 70BMH P-Touch GL-1000 P-Touch QL710W
P-Touch 200 P-Touch 70HK P-Touch GL200 P-Touch QL720NW
P-Touch 2000 P-Touch 70HOL P-Touch H101TB P-Touch QL720W
P-Touch 2001 P-Touch 70HOT P-Touch H105 P-Touch RL700S
P-Touch 200Handy P-Touch 70SP P-Touch H105WB PT-P900
P-Touch 2100VP P-Touch 70SR P-Touch H105WN PT-P900NW
P-Touch 210E P-Touch 7100VP P-Touch H110 PT-P900W
P-Touch 220 P-Touch 75 P-Touch H200 PT-P950
Sonstige Type      
InfotecFax 2811 IntelliFax 560 PJ560 PPF-750
IntelliFax 1000 IntelliFax 5700 Series PJ562 PPF-760
IntelliFax 1000P IntelliFax 5750 PJ563 PPF770
IntelliFax 1010 IntelliFax 5750E PJ622 PPF-770
IntelliFax 1020 IntelliFax 580MC PJ623 PPF775
IntelliFax 1030 IntelliFax 6550MC PJ662 PPF-775
IntelliFax 1150 IntelliFax 750 PJ663 PPF-870
IntelliFax 1170 IntelliFax 7550MC PJ673 PPF-870MC
IntelliFax 1200 IntelliFax 760 PJ722 PPF900
IntelliFax 1250 IntelliFax 770 PJ722Z1 PPF-910
IntelliFax 1250M IntelliFax 775 PJ723 PPF-917
IntelliFax 1270 IntelliFax 870 PJ762 PPF-920
IntelliFax 1270E IntelliFax 870MC PJ763 PPF-921
IntelliFax 1350 IntelliFax 885MC PJ763MFI PPF-930
IntelliFax 1360 IntelliFax 900 PJ763Z1 PPF-931
IntelliFax 1450 IntelliFax 910 PJ773 PPF-940
IntelliFax 1450MC IntelliFax 917 PocketJET522 PPF-940E-Mail
IntelliFax 1450P IntelliFax 920 PocketJET523 PPF950M
IntelliFax 1500M IntelliFax 921 PocketJET560 PPF980M
IntelliFax 1500ML IntelliFax 930 PocketJET562 QL1060
IntelliFax 1550 IntelliFax 931 PocketJET563 QL1060N
IntelliFax 1550MC IntelliFax 940 PocketJET622 QL570
IntelliFax 1570MC IntelliFax 940E-Mail PocketJET623 QL580N
IntelliFax 1575MC IntelliFax 950M PocketJET662 QL600B
IntelliFax 1700 IntelliFax 980 PocketJET663 QL600G
IntelliFax 1750 IntelliFax 980M PocketJET673 QL600R
IntelliFax 1770 KonicaMinoltaFax 780 PocketJET722 QL650TD
IntelliFax 1850 KR-P335 PocketJET723 QL700
IntelliFax 1860C KX-P300 PocketJET762 QL700B
IntelliFax 1950 KX-P310 PocketJET763 QL710
IntelliFax 1950P KX-R190 PocketJET763MFI QL710W
IntelliFax 1950Plus KX-R193 PocketJET773 QL710WSP
IntelliFax 1960C KX-R195 PPF-1170 QL720NW
IntelliFax 2480 KX-R200 PPF-1270 QL800
IntelliFax 2480C KX-R210 PPF-1270E QL810
IntelliFax 2580C KX-R250 PPF-1500M QL810W
IntelliFax 2750 KX-R30 PPF-1550MC QL820
IntelliFax 2800 KX-R300 PPF2700 Series QL820N
IntelliFax 2840 KX-R310 PPF2750 QL820NWB
IntelliFax 2840C KX-R315 PPF-2750 R200
IntelliFax 2845 KX-R320 PPF2750ML R250
IntelliFax 2900 KX-R330 PPF2800 RJ4230B
IntelliFax 2940 KX-R335 PPF2900 RL700S
IntelliFax 3550 KX-R340 PPF-3550 TD-2020
IntelliFax 3650 KX-R350 PPF3550ML TD-2120
IntelliFax 3750 KX-R430 PPF3650ML TD-2120N
IntelliFax 3800 KX-R435 PPF-3750 TD-2120SX
IntelliFax 4100 KX-R440 PPF-4550MC TD-2130
IntelliFax 4100E KX-R800 PPF560 TD-2130N
IntelliFax 4550MC KX-W1500 PPF-560 TD-2130SX
IntelliFax 4650J MFC-P2000 PPF-580 TD4000
IntelliFax 4700 Series MFC-P2500 PPF580MC TD4100
IntelliFax 4750 PJ522 PPF-580MC TD4100N
IntelliFax 4750E PJ523 PPF750  


DR Type      
DR1050 DR230 DR3000 DR4000
DR130 DR2300 DR3100 DR421CL
DR200 DR230CL DR320 DR5500
DR2000 DR2400 DR320CL DR6000
DR2005 DR241CL DR321CL DR8000
DR2100 DR243CL DR3300  
DR2200 DR300 DR3400  
LC Type      
LC1000 LC1280XL LC229XL LC3233
LC1100 LC129XL LC22E LC3235XL
LC121 LC12E LC22U LC3237
LC1220 LC12E LC3211 LC3239XL
LC123XL LC221 LC3211 LC900
LC1240XL LC223XL LC3213XL LC970
LC125XL LC225XL LC3217 LC980
LC127XL LC227XL LC3219XL LC985
TN Type      
TN1050 TN2310 TN321 TN3520
TN11 TN2320 TN3230 TN4100
TN12 TN241 TN325 TN421
TN135 TN2410 TN326 TN423
TN200 TN242 TN328 TN426
TN2000 TN2420 TN3280 TN5500
TN2005 TN243 TN329 TN6600
TN2010 TN245 TN3330 TN7600
TN2110 TN247 TN3380 TN8000
TN2120 TN3030 TN3390 TN900
TN2210 TN3170 TN3430 TN910
TN2220 TN320 TN3480  
TN230 TN321 TN3512  
TZE Type      
TZE121 TZE252 TZE561 TZEFX221
TZE131 TZE253 TZE611 TZEFX631
TZE132 TZE261 TZE621 TZEN231
TZE133 TZE262 TZE631 TZEN251
TZE141 TZE315 TZE641 TZEPR831
TZE145 TZE334 TZE651 TZEQG35
TZE161 TZE354 TZE731 TZES121
TZE211 TZE355 TZE741 TZES211
TZE221 TZE365 TZE751 TZES241
TZE223 TZE431 TZE755 TZES251
TZE231 TZE451 TZE961 TZES631
TZE233 TZE461 TZEB51 TZES651
TZE242 TZE541 TZEC51  
TZE243 TZE551 TZECL6  
TZE251 TZE555 TZEFA3  
Other Type      
BP71GA3 DK22211 PC92 TX141
BU100CL DK22212 PH12CL TX151
BU200CL DK22214 RDS02E1 TX211
BU300 DK22606 TC101 TX221
BU320CL DK44205 TC103 TX231
CR3CL DK44605 TC195 TX241
CZ1001 FC9330 TC201 TX251
CZ1002 FP4CL TC202 TX315
CZ1003 HC05 TC291 TX335
CZ1004 HSE231 TC292 TX355
CZ1005 L0749001 TC293 TX431
DK11201 LU1397001 TC301 TX451
DK11202 PC101 TC395 TX531
DK11203 PC201 TC401 TX551
DK11204 PC300 TC491 TX611
DK11207 PC300RF TC501 TX621
DK11208 PC301 TC591 TX631
DK11209 PC302RF TC595 TX641
DK11218 PC304RF TC601 TX651
DK11219 PC70 TC691 TX731
DK11221 PC71RF TC701 WT100CL
DK11240 PC72 TC791 WT200CL
DK22113 PC72RF TC91 WT320CL
DK22205 PC74RF TCC01  
DK22210 PC75 TX131  

Order ink and toner cartridges for Brother easily and quickly online with us

If your Brother printer slowly indicates that the ink / toner is low, you need a replacement. We offer a wide range of ink and toner cartridges for almost all Brother printers. In our shop you can usually choose between the original and, usually much cheaper, alternative products. Through years of experience and more than 500,000 satisfied customers, we can offer you an optimal product for your Brother printer. Order here easily and securely online with us. We deliver your order quickly and reliably. You can find the correct cartridges by entering the model of your Brother printer or print cartridge / toner when searching for the product at the top of the website. You will then see the suitable products.

Who or what is Brother?

Brother is one of the world's leading manufacturers of printers, multifunction devices, and fax machines. Brother was founded in 1934 in Japan. Brother also settled in Germany in 1962. It was the Brother International GmbH based in Hamburg. Brother then moved from Hamburg to Frankfurt am Main in 1964, before Brother moved to Bad Vilbel in 1974. Brother International GmbH is still based there. Meanwhile, the annual turnover of Brother Germany is around 300 million euros. This figure makes it clear that Brother is one of the BIG-Five printer manufacturers worldwide.

Due to the fact that Brothers did not use CHIPs on their inkjet printers until 2012 and the cartridges could easily be refilled, Brother has become a very popular brand among printer manufacturers. However, nowadays most Brother machines are also equipped with chip-controlled ink cartridges and toners. These are usually available as original and as cheaper alternative goods.

Ink cartridges and toner for Brother printers:

Brother inkjet printers usually have cartridges in four colors: black, cyan, magenta and yellow. By mixing the colors, a wide range of the full color palette can be covered and printed. The functionality of the original cartridges and the alternative printer cartridges is identical.

Brother laser printers are available as monochrome black and white printers and as color printers. You may therefore not find a color toner for your Brother printer because your Brother machine only has a black toner cartridge. Our compatible toners for Brother machines are also available in different capacities in some cases. These exist e.g. just as with the TN2220 alternative product from the standard version with a capacity of 2600 pages, the XL version with a capacity of 5200 pages and an Ultra XXL version with a capacity of 10400 pages.

In addition to toner, your Brother machine often has a separate OPC drum unit. This must also be replaced after a certain number of printed pages. In most cases, the OPC drum must be replaced with every third toner replacement on Brother printers. OPC drum units are, just like the toners, usually available as original and as a compatible product. Also for the drums the price differences with the original product are often very large. Both original and compatible drum units for Brother have the peculiarity that they must be manually reset after installation according to the instructions that came with your Brother printer. Only then will the machine recognize that a new drum has been inserted and can be printed again.

Compatible or original for Brother printers?

Many of our compatible Brother products are available in two different qualities. The Eco variant and the Colori Premium variant. The difference lies mainly in the higher-quality components of the Colori Premium products. If you are looking for sharp, sharp prints and still want to save, Colori Premium products are an excellent choice for your Brother.

The Eco products are particularly suitable for daily use in an office environment: for printing your emails, delivery notes, invoices and other correspondence.

What should I do with my Brother printer's empty cartridges and toner?

Are your cartridges and toner empty and you don't know where to go? Then it pays for you to take a look at the website of the manufacturer. Brother offers a free refund of original supplies for printer and toner cartridges. More information can be found on the Brother website under the keyword "recycling".

Which Brother printer should I buy?

This of course depends on what you want to do with it of course. There are various options depending on the print volume and user requirements. It is worth taking a look at the Brother website. There is a detailed product overview that offers you a selection of printers. One of our tips is to research the prices of ink cartridges or toner for Brother machines in advance to avoid high follow-up costs for ink and toner.

My Brother machine's cartridge appears empty, although there is still ink in the cartridge!

Ink cartridges can never be completely used up to the last drop, to prevent the print head from becoming completely dry. Ink also has a cooling function for the print head. Therefore, some ink will always remain in the cartridge while it is already indicated as empty.

Our top products for Brother:

Our bestsellers for Brother printers are the toners for the Brother TN1050, TN2320 and TN2420. Brother color laser printers are also very popular. The compatible TN242 and TN 247 toners in particular are very popular.

Top products for Brother inkjet printers are the compatible cartridges for LC123, LC223 and LC980 Series. These are also available in various quality levels.

Nowadays we also supply compatible cassettes for tape cartridges. We have a whole range of compatible tape cassettes for the P-Touch series.

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Compatible Set 4x Toner For Brother TN-243CMYK TN-247CMYK by ABC

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Compatible Toner For Brother TN2410 TN2420 HL-L2310 by ABC

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