C Type M Type P Type X Type
CS Type MS Type Prevail Pro Type Z Type
CX Type MX Type Pro Type Other Type
E Type Optra(image) Type T Type  
C Type      
C40 C524N C546DTN C792DHE
C45 C530 C734DN C792DTE
C500 C530DN C734DTN C792E
C500N C532 C734DW C925
C510 C532DN C734N C925DE
C510DTN C532N C736DN C925DTE
C510N C534 C736DTN C930
C520 C534DN C736N C935
C520N C534DTN C746DN C935DN
C522 C534N C746DTN C935DTN
C522N C540N C746N C935DTTN
C522N C543DN C748DE C935HDN
C524 C544DN C748DTE C950
C524DN C544DTN C748E C950DE
C524DTN C544DW C792 C2132
C524N C544N C792DE  
CS Type      
CS310 CS410 CS417 CS510dte
CS310dn CS410 CS417dn CS517
CS310n CS410dn CS510 CS517de
CS317 CS410dtn CS510de CS517dn
CS317dn CS410n CS510de CS736dn
CX Type      
CX310 CX410 CX410dte CX510de
CX310dn CX410de CX410e CX510dhe
CX310n CX410de CX410e CX510dthe
CX317 CX410de CX417 CX517
CX317dn CX410dte CX417dn CX517de
CX317dn CX410dte CX510 CX517dn
E Type      
E120 E238T E332 E352DN
E120N E240 E332N E360
E230 E240N E332TN E360D
E230N E250 E340 E360DN
E232 E250D E342 E450
E232N E250DN E342N E450DN
E232T E250N E342TN E460
E234 E260 E350 E460DN
E238 E260D E350D E460DW
E238DN E260DN E350DN E462
E238N E330 E352 E462DTN
M Type      
M1140 M412 M5155 M5163dn
M410 M412N M5163 M5170
MS Type      
MS310 MS415dn MS610dte MS810dtn
MS310d MS417dn MS610dtn MS810n
MS310dn MS421dn MS617dhn MS811dn
MS312 MS421dw MS617dn MS811dtn
MS312d MS421Series MS621 MS811n
MS312dn MS510 MS621dn MS812de
MS315dn MS510dn MS622 MS812dn
MS317dn MS511 MS622de MS812dtn
MS321 MS511de MS710 MS817
MS321dn MS517dn MS710dn MS817dn
MS321dntw MS521 MS711 MS817hdn
MS410 MS521dn MS711dn MS817n
MS410d MS610 MS810 MS818
MS410dn MS610de MS810de MS818dn
MS415 MS610dn MS810dn  
MX Type      
MX310dn MX517de MX622adhe MX810dxme
MX317dn MX521 MX710de MX810dxpe
MX321 MX521ade MX710dhe MX811
MX321adn MX521de MX711de MX811dfe
MX321adw MX522 MX711dhe MX811dme
MX410de MX522adhe MX717 MX811dxfe
MX417de MX522adhs MX717de MX811dxme
MX421 MX610 MX718 MX811dxpe
MX421ade MX611de MX718de MX812
MX510 MX611dhe MX810 MX812dfe
MX510de MX611dte MX810dfe MX812dme
MX511de MX617de MX810dme MX812dxfe
MX511dhe MX622 MX810dpe MX812dxme
MX511dte MX622ade MX810dxfe MX812dxpe
Optra(image) Type      
Optra C500 Optra E310 Optra S1625 Optra T614DX
Optra C500N Optra E312 Optra S1625N Optra T614N
Optra C500X500 Optra E312L Optra S1650 Optra T614NL
Optra C510 Optra E320 Optra S1650N Optra T614S
Optra C510DTN Optra E321 Optra S1800 Optra T616
Optra C510DTN Optra E321N Optra S1855 Optra T616N
Optra C510N Optra E322 Optra S1855N Optra T620
Optra C520N Optra E322N Optra S2400 Optra T620DN
Optra C522N Optra E322NS Optra S2420 Optra T620IN
Optra C524 Optra E323 Optra S2420N Optra T620N
Optra C524DN Optra E323N Optra S2450 Optra T622
Optra C524DTN Optra E330 Optra S2450N Optra T622DN
Optra C524N Optra E332 Optra S2455 Optra T622IN
Optra C530 Optra E332N Optra S2455M Optra T622N
Optra C530DN Optra E332TN Optra S2455N Optra T640
Optra C532DN Optra E342N Optra T420 Optra T640DN
Optra C532N Optra E342TN Optra T420D Optra T640DTN
Optra C534DN Optra E350 Optra T420DN Optra T640N
Optra C534DTN Optra E350D Optra T422 Optra T640TN
Optra C534N Optra E350DN Optra T422N Optra T642
Optra E230 Optra E352 Optra T430 Optra T642DN
Optra E230N Optra E352DN Optra T430D Optra T642DTN
Optra E232 Optra E450 Optra T430DN Optra T642N
Optra E232N Optra E450DN Optra T520 Optra T642TN
Optra E232T Optra M410 Optra T520D Optra T710
Optra E234 Optra M410N Optra T520DN Optra T717
Optra E238 Optra M412 Optra T520N Optra T717N
Optra E238DN Optra M412N Optra T522 Optra W850
Optra E238N Optra S1200 Optra T522DN Optra W850DN
Optra E238T Optra S1250 Optra T522N Optra W850N
Optra E240 Optra S1250N Optra T522S Optra X620E
Optra E240N Optra S1255 Optra T610 Optraimage T610
Optra E250 Optra S1255N Optra T610N Optraimage T610DX
Optra E250D Optra S1600 Optra T610SX Optraimage T610SX
Optra E250DN Optra S1620 Optra T612V  
Optra E250N Optra S1620N Optra T614  
P Type      
P3120 P4330 P6240 P700
P315 P4350 P6250 P704
P3150 P4360 P6260 P706
P350 P450 P6270 P707
P4000 P6200 P6280 P900
P4250 P6210 P6290 P910
P4300 P6220 P6300 P915
P4310 P6230 P6350  
P4330 P6230 P6356  
Prevail Pro Type      
Prevail Pro 700 Prevail Pro 705 Prevail Pro 707 Prevail Pro 709
Prevail Pro 702 Prevail Pro 706 Prevail Pro 708 Prevail Pro 709
Pro Type      
Pro 200 Pro 715 Pro 900 Pro 910
Pro 700 Pro 800 Pro 910 Pro 915
T Type      
T630 T632N T650DN T654DN
T630DN T632TN T650DTN T654DTN
T630N T634 T650N T654N
T630N VE T634DTN T652 T656
T630VE T634DTNF T652DN T656DNE
T632 T634N T652DTN  
T632DTN T634TN T652N  
T632DTNF T650 T654  
X Type      
X63 X646 X1130 X4250
X70 X646DTE X1140 X4270
X72 X646E X1150 X4530
X73 X646EF X1155 X4550
X74 X650 X1160 X4550 Business Edition
X75 PrintTrio X650DE X1170 X4630
X75M X651 X1180 X4650
X80 X651DE MFP X1185 X4800
X83 X652 X1190 X4850
X84 X652DE MFP X1195 X4875
X85 X654 X1196 X4900
X125 X654DE MFP X1200 X4950
X203 X654E X1240 X4975
X203N X656 X1250 X4975VE
X204 X656DE MFP X1270 X5070
X204N X656DTE MFP X1280 X5075
X215 MFP X658 X1290 X5100
X264DN X658DE MFP X2200 X5130
X340 X658DFE MFP X2225 X5150
X340N X658DME MFP X2230 X5190 PRO
X342 X658DTE MFP X2250 X5200
X342N X658DTFE MFP X2300 X5210
X363DN X658DTME MFP X2310 X5250
X364DN X734DE X2315 X5260
X364DW X736DE X2320 X5270
X422 MFP X738DE X2330 X5410
X463 X738DTE X2340 X5430
X463DE X792 X2350 X5435
X464 X792DE X2360 X5450
X464DE X792DTE X2370 X5470
X466 X792DTFE X2380 X5470 Business Edition
X466DE X792DTME X2390 X5490
X466DTE X792DTPE X2450 X5495
X466DWE X792DTSE X2460 X5630
X500 X850E MFP X2465 X5650
X500N X850E VE 3 X2470 X5690
X502 X850E VE 4 X2480 X6100
X502N X850E VE3 X2480DSG X6150
X520 X850E VE4 X2500 X6170
X522 X852E MFP X2510 X6190
X522S X854E MFP X2520 X6190 PRO
X543DN X860 X2530 X6570
X544DN X860DE 3 X2550 X6575
X544DTN X860DE 4 X2600 X6600
X544DW X862DE 3 X2620 X6650
X544N X862DE 4 X2630 X6675
X546DTN X864DE 3 X2650 X6690
X548DE X864DE 4 X2670 X7100
X548DTE X925 X3300 X7170
X560 X940 X3310 X7300
X560DN X945E X3315 X7310
X560N X950 X3330 X7350
X630 MFP X950DE X3340 X7350 Business Edition
X632 MFP X950DHE X3350 X7550
X632E MFP X952 X3370 X7675
X632S MFP X952DE X3380 X8300
X634DTE MFP X952DHE X3450 X8310
X634E MFP X952DTE X3470 X8350
X640 X954 X3480 X8350 Business Edition
X640E X954DE X3530 X9300
X642 X954DHE X3550 X9350
X642E X954DN X3630 X9350 Business Edition
X644 X1100 X3650 X9570
X644E X1110 X3690 X9575
Z Type      
Z11 Z52O Z601 Z812
Z12 Z53 Z602 Z815
Z13 Z54 Z603 Z816
Z22 Z54SE Z605 Z817
Z23 Z55 Z610 Z818
Z23E Z55SE Z611 Z819
Z24 Z56 Z612 Z845
Z25 Z65 Z614 Z1300
Z25L Z65N Z615 Z1310
Z31 Z65P Z617 Z1320
Z32 Z65PRO Z640 Z1350
Z33 Z82 Z640 Z1410
Z34 Z503 Z645 Z1420
Z35 Z503 Z700 Z1450
Z40 Z510 Z703 Z1520
Z42 Z511 Z705 Z2300
Z43 Z512 Z715 Z2310
Z44 Z514 Z717 Z2320
Z44+ Z515 Z735 Z2400
Z45 Z516 Z805 Z2410
Z45SE Z517 Z810 Z2420
Z51 Z600 Z810  
Z52 Z601 Z810  
Other Type      
Genesis S810 Interpret S402 Pinnacle Pro 901 Prospect Pro 209
Genesis S815 Interpret S402 Platinum Pro 900 S315
Genesis S816 Interpret S405 Platinum Pro 902 S400
Impact S300 Interpret S408 Platinum Pro 905 S500
Impact S301 Interpret S415 Platinum Pro 908 S600
Impact S302 Intuition S500 Prestige Pro 800 S800
Impact S305 Intuition S502 Prestige Pro 802 XC2130
Impact S308 Intuition S505 Prestige Pro 805 XC2132
Infoprint 1412 Intuition S508 Prestige Pro 805 XM1140
Interact S600 Intuition S515 Prestige Pro 808 XM5100
Interact S602 OfficeEdge Pro 4000 Prospect Pro 200 XM5163
Interact S605 OfficeEdge Pro 4000C Prospect Pro 202 XM5170
Interact S608 OfficeEdge Pro 5500 Prospect Pro 205  
Interpret S400 OfficeEdge Pro 5500T Prospect Pro 208  


Lexmark toner and ink cartridges

Lexmark is a staple in the world of printers and multifunction devices. Lexmark is a US-based company that operates globally and manufactures and distributes printer hardware and software. Lexmark was founded in 1991 in Kentucky. Especially laser multifunction printers and dot matrix printers belong to the competence area Lexmarks. The company employs approx. 9,300 people and had an annual turnover of approx. 3.55 million euros in 2015. On November 30, 2016, Lexmark was acquired by Apex Technology and PSG Asia Capital for $ 3.6 billion. As a German subsidiary Lexmark Germany GmbH emerges. It maintains 6 branches in Germany with headquarters in Neu-Isenburg. In 1993, Lexmark introduced the ExecJet II 4076, its first black and white inkjet printer. In 1994, the first laser printers from Lexmark, which print with a resolution of 1200 x 1200 dpi, followed with the Optra series.
Lexmark has partnered with Compaq since 1998 and sells its inkjet printers under this name. Finally, in 2013, the production of inkjet printers was completely discontinued. In this course, about 1,700 employees had to be dismissed.
Laser Printers, Multifunction Printers & Consumables are still in the Lexmark range for 25 years. In addition, Lexmark offers a variety of services including maintenance, consulting & system integration.


Toner for Lexmark printers at

Our range of supplies, including toner for Lexmark, ranges from original to compatible. We offer almost any toner for your Lexmark printer. Simply enter your printer model or name of the toner in the search mask to find suitable products for your Lexmark printer. In most cases, you will see both original and compatible toner compatible with your Lexmark device. Often the compatible toners are additionally available in two different quality levels. On the one hand, we offer the ABC Eco variant. This is sufficient for everyday office tasks and impresses with the low price. On the other hand, we offer the Colori Premium version. This impresses with very good quality and a cheaper price than the original toner.
Of course, original toners are always a bit better in terms of print quality, as they are manufactured by the manufacturer in combination with the Lexmark printer. Therefore, you are perfectly attuned to each other. The disadvantage of original toners is the very high price. Compatible products are usually many times cheaper and still have a very good quality.


Which Lexmark printers can we recommend?

This question can not be answered flatly, because choosing the right Lexmark printer depends on many factors. An important factor is, for example, the frequency of use of the Lexmark printer. If I print many pages every day, it is usually recommended to use a somewhat more powerful printer. Another factor is the speed of the printer. However, the most important factor is the price of the Lexmark printer and consumables. It is often the case that cheaper printers require more expensive toner. Therefore, worthwhile for Vieldrucker possibly a more expensive in the purchase of printer, but in which the consumable material is cheaper.
We can absolutely recommend that you check how expensive the consumables are before buying the new printer. This investigation often high follow-up costs can be avoided.


Our Best Selling Compatible Toner Cartridges for Lexmark Printers :

Since Lexmark has discontinued the manufacturing of inkjet printers, we only offer original and compatible toner in our shop for your Lexmark printer. Lexmark toner cartridges often have the advantage that the page performance is usually large. This has the advantage that the toner must be replaced less frequently and a large number of pages can be printed with them.
Toner capacities also vary widely within a Lexmark printer model. For example, some printers offer different toners with different page counts for some printers. Here you can decide once again which product is best for you.Our bestsellers of compatible toners for Lexmark printers include the 4-pack Compatible toner for ABC's Lexmark CS310 CS410 CS510 (VA-TL # SETCS310), where you can choose between ABC Eco and Colori Premium. On the other hand the set of 4 Compatible toner for Lexmark CX410 CX510 from ABC (VA-TL # SETCX410). Here you can also choose between two qualities. The Compatible Toner Cartridge for Lexmark MS 310 410 510 610 5000 Pages from ABC (VA-TLBMS310) and the Compatible Toner Cartridges for Lexmark MS 710 810 811 812 25000 pages from ABC (VA-TLBMS810) are our bestsellers for Lexmark black and white devices.

Click here to go directly to our bestselling toners for Lexmark printers:

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Compatible Set 4x Toner For Lexmark CS310 CS410 CS510 by ABC

Product no.: VA-TL#SETCS310

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Compatible Set 4x Toner For Lexmark CX410 CX510 by ABC

Product no.: VA-TL#SETCX410

from 153.99 *
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Compatible Toner For Lexmark MS 310 410 510 610 5000 pages by ABC

Product no.: VA-TLBMS310

from 34.99 *
In stock
can be shipped within 1-2 days

Compatible Toner For Lexmark MS 710 810 811 812 25000 pages by ABC

Product no.: VA-TLBMS810

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