B Series ES Series Microline Series Okilaser Series
C Series Executive Series ML Series Okipage Series
CP Series MB Series MX Series Pro Series
CX Series MC Series Okifax Series  
B Series      
B2200 B4300 B4540 B721
B2200n B4300n B4540 MFP B721dn
B2400 B4300n ps B4545 B730
B2400n B4300ps B4545 MFP B730dn
B2500 B430d B4550 B730n
B2500 MFP B430dn B4550n B731
B2520 B431 B4600 B731dn
B2520 MFP B431d B4600n B731dnw
B2540 B431dn B4600nps B840
B2540 MFP B431dn Plus B4600ps B840dn
B400 B431dn Super B512dn B840dtn
B4000 B432 B6200 B840n
B401 B432dn B6200dn B930
B401d B4350 B6200n B930dn
B401dn B4350n B6250 B930dtn
B410 B4350n ps B6250dn B930dxf
B4100 B4350ps B6250n B930n
B410d B440 B6300  
B410dn B4400 B6300dn  
B411 B4400n B6300n  
B411d B440d B6500  
B411dn B440dn B6500dn  
B412 B4500 B6500dtn  
B412dn B4500n B6500n  
B4200 B4510 B710  
B4200n B4510 MFP B710dn  
B420dn B4520 B710n  
B4250 B4520 MFP B720  
B4250n B4525 B720dn  
B430 B4525 MFP B720n  
C Series      
C110 C5600n C7550dtn C9200n ccs
C130 C5650 C7550n C920wt
C130n C5650dn C800 C9300
C300 C5650n C801 C9300dn
C300dn C5700 C801dn C9300dxn
C301 C5700dn C801n C9300hdn
C301dn C5700n C810 C9300n
C310 C5750 C810cdtn C9300v2
C3100 C5750dn C810dn C931
C310dn C5750n C810n C931dn
C3200 C5800 C813 C9400
C3200n C5800dn C813dn C9400ccs
C321 C5800ldn C813n C9400CS
C321dn C5800n C821 C9400d
C330 C5850 C821dn C9400dxn
C3300 C5850dn C821n C9400dxn ccs
C3300n C5850n C822 C9400n
C330dn C5900 C822cdtn C941
C331 C5900cdtn C822dn C941dn
C331dn C5900dn C822n C941e
C332 C5900dtn C823 C9500
C332dn C5900n C823dn C9500dn
C332dnw C5950 C823n C9500dxn
C3400 C5950cdtn C824 C9500ga
C3400n C5950dn C824dn C9500gapro
C3450 C5950dtn C824n C9500gapro X7
C3450n C5950n C830 C9500gaxf
C3500 MFP C610 C830cdtn C9500hdn
C3520 C610cdn C830dn C9500v2
C3520 MFP C610dm C830dtn C9600
C3530 C610dn C830n C9600dn
C3530 MFP C610dtn C831 C9600hdn
C3530n MFP C610n C831cdtn C9600hdtn
C3600 C612 C831dm C9600n
C3600n C612dn C831dn C9600xf
C510 C612n C831n C9600xfpro
C5100 C6150 C833 C9650
C5100n C650 C833ct C9650d
C510dn C650dn C833dn C9650dn
C511 C7000ccs C833n C9650express
C511dn C710 C833nw C9650hdn
C5150 C7100 C834 C9650hdtn
C5150n C7100n C834dnw C9650n
C5200 C710cdtn C834nw C9650xf
C5200n C710dn C840 C9655
C5200ne C710dtn C841 C9655dn
C5250 C710n C841cdtn C9655hdn
C5250dn C711 C841dn C9655hdtn
C5250n C711cdtn C841n C9655n
C530 C711dm C843 C9800
C5300 C711dn C843dn C9800 MFP
C5300dn C711dtn C844 C9800ga
C5300n C711n C844dnw C9800hdn
C5300n ccs C711wt C844nw C9800hdtn
C530dn C712 C8600 C9800hn
C531 C712dn C8600cdtn C9850
C531dn C712n C8600dn C9850 MFP
C532 C7200 C8600dtn C9850ga
C532dn C7200dn C8600n C9850hdn
C532t C7200n C8800 C9850hdtn
C5400 C7300 C8800cdtn C9850hn
C5400dn C7300dn C8800dn  
C5400dtn C7300dxn C8800dtn  
C5400n C7300n C8800n  
C5400tn C7300v2 C9000  
C542 C7350 C910  
C542dn C7350dn C910cdtn  
C5450 C7350dtn C910dm  
C5450 MFP C7350n C910dn  
C5450dn C7400 C910n  
C5450n C7400dxn C911  
C5500n C7400n C911dn  
C5510 C7400n ccs C920  
C5510 MFP C7500 C9200  
C5540 C7500dn C9200ccs  
C5540 MFP C7500dxn C9200cs  
C5550 MFP C7500hdn C9200d  
C5550n MFP C7500n C9200dn  
C5600 C7550 C9200dxn  
C5600dn C7550dn C9200n  
CP Series      
CP2000 CP2000 Pro CP2020 CP2020pro
CX Series      
CX2633 CX3535 MFP CX4545 CX4545x MFP
CX3535 CX3535t MFP CX4545 MFP  
ES Series      
ES1624 ES5431dn ES7411wt ES8460n
ES2032 MFP ES5432 ES7412 ES8461
ES2232 ES5432dn ES7412dn ES8461 MFP
ES2232a4 ES5442 ES7460 ES8461cdtn+
ES2632 ES5442dn ES7470 ES8461cdxn+
ES2632 MFP ES5461 ES7470 MFP ES8473
ES2632a3 ES5461 MFP ES7470dfn ES8473dn MFP
ES2632a4 ES5462 MFP ES7470dn ES8473dnct MFP
ES2636 MFP ES5462dn ES7480 ES8473dnv MFP
ES2640 ES5462dn MFP ES7480 MFP ES9130
ES3032 ES5462dnw MFP ES7480dfn ES9130dn
ES3451 ES5463 ES7480dn ES9160
ES3451 MFP ES5463 MFP ES8430 ES9160 MFP
ES3452 MFP ES5463dn ES8430 MFP ES9170 MFP
ES3452dn ES5473 ES8430dn ES9410
ES3452dn MFP ES5473 MFP ES8431 ES9431
ES3640 ES5473 MFP  ES8431dme ES9455
ES3640a3 ES6150 ES8431dn ES9455 MFP
ES3640e MFP ES6150dn ES8433 ES9460
ES3640e MFP Ga ES6150n ES8433dn ES9460 MFP
ES3640ex MFP ES6405 ES8441 ES9460 MFP pfp
ES3640ex MFP Ga ES6410 ES8441  ES9465
ES3640express ES6410dme ES8441dn ES9465 MFP
ES3640l ES6410dn ES8451 ES9466
ES4131 ES6412 ES8451 MFP ES9466 MFP
ES4132dn ES6412dn ES8451cdtn ES9470
ES4140 ES6412n ES8451cdtn+ ES9470 MFP
ES4160 ES6412n  ES8451cdxn ES9470 MFP pfp
ES4161 MFP ES7120 ES8451cdxn+ ES9475
ES4180 ES7120dn ES8451dn ES9475 MFP
ES4191 MFP ES7130 ES8453 ES9476
ES4192dn ES7130dn ES8453dn MFP ES9476 MFP
ES4300 ES7131 ES8453dnct MFP ES9541
ES4300dn ES7131dn ES8453dnv MFP  
ES4300n ES7131dnw ES8460  
ES5112 MFP ES7170 ES8460 MFP  
ES5162 MFP ES7170dfn ES8460cdtn  
ES5430 ES7170dn ES8460cdx  
ES5430 MFP ES7411 ES8460cdxn  
ES5430dn ES7411dn ES8460dn  
Executive Series      
Executive 3000 Executive 3037 Executive 3037dxn Executive 3037e
MB Series      
MB210 MB461 MFP MB492 MB770dn Fax
MB216 MB461l MB492dn MB770dnf
MB218 MB470 MB562 MB770dnv
MB260 MB471 MB562dnw MB770dnv Fax
MB280 MB471 MFP MB716 MB770f
MB290 MB471l MB760 MB770fx
MB441 MB471w MB760dn Fax  
MB450 MB471w MFP MB760dnf  
MB451 MB472 MB760f  
MB451dn MB472dnw MB760fx  
MB451dnw MB480 MB770  
MB451w MB491 MB770 Plus   
MB460 MB491 Plus MB770dfn Fax  
MB460l MB491 Plus Lp MB770dfnv  
MB461 MB491dn MB770dn  
MC Series      
MC160 MC560 MFP MC770dn MC860cdxn
MC160n MC560 Plus MC770dnf MC860dn
MC332 MC560dn MC770dnFax MC861
MC332dn MC560n MC770dnv MC861 Plus
MC340 MC561 MC770ie MC861cdtn
MC342 MC561dn MC780 MC861cdxn
MC342dn MC562 MC780 Fax MC861dn
MC342dnw MC562dn MC780dfn MC861dn Plus
MC342dw MC562dnw MC780dfnFax MC862
MC350 MC563 MC780dn MC862cdtn
MC350 MFP MC563dn MC780dnf MC862cdxn
MC351 MC573 MC780dnv MC862dn
MC351dn MC573dn MC780ie MC862dn Plus
MC352 MC760 MC851 MC862dnplus
MC352dn MC760 Fax MC851 Plus MC870
MC360 MC760dfn MC851cdtn MC873
MC361 MC760dn MC851cdxn MC873dn
MC361dn MC760dnf MC851dn MC873dnc
MC362 MC760dnFax MC851dn Plus MC873dnct
MC362dn MC760dnv MC853 MC873dnv
MC363 MC760ie MC853dn MC873dnx
MC363dn MC770 MC853dnct MC883
MC363dnw MC770 Fax MC853dnv MC883dn
MC363n MC770 Plus MFP MC860 MC883dnct
MC560 MC770dfn MC860cdtn MC883dnv
Microline Series      
Microline 320fb Microline 521elite Microline 5720eco Microline 6300fb
Microline 3410 Microline 5320 Microline 5721 Microline 6300fbsc
Microline 390fb Microline 5320s Microline 5721eco Microline MX100
Microline 390fbd Microline 5520 Microline 5790 Microline MX150
Microline 5100fb Microline 5521 Microline 5790eco Microline MX200
Microline 520 Microline 5590 Microline 5791 Microline MX200s
Microline 520elite Microline 5591 Microline 5791eco Microline MX50
Microline 521 Microline 5720 Microline 6300  
ML Series      
ML182 ML320fb ML5520 ML5791
ML182 Plus ML321 ML5521 ML5791eco
ML183 ML3410 ML5521eco ML6300
ML184 ML390fb ML5590 ML6300fb
ML188 ML390fbd ML5590eco ML6300fbsc
ML192 ML5100fb ML5591  
ML192 Plus ML520 ML5720  
ML193 ML520elite ML5720eco  
ML193 Plus ML521 ML5721  
ML194 ML521elite ML5721eco  
ML195 ML5320 ML5790  
ML320 ML5320s ML5790eco  
MX Series      
MX100 MX200 MX50  
MX150 MX200s    
Okifax Series      
Okifax 1000 Okifax 2510 Okifax 5250 Okifax 5500 Plus
Okifax 1050 Okifax 2530 Okifax 5300 Okifax 5600
Okifax 2200 Okifax 2600 Okifax 5300 Plus Okifax 5600 Plus
Okifax 2350 Okifax 5050 Okifax 5300ve Okifax 5650
Okifax 2400 Okifax 5200 Okifax 5400 Okifax 5680
Okifax 2450 Okifax 5200 Plus Okifax 5500 Okifax 5680 i-Fax
Okilaser Series      
Okilaser OL400e Okilaser OL410ex Okilaser OL610e Okilaser OL810eps
Okilaser OL400el Okilaser OL600 Okilaser OL610e S Okilaser OL810ex
Okilaser OL400ex Okilaser OL600e Okilaser OL610eps  
Okilaser OL410e Okilaser OL600ex Okilaser OL610ex  
Okilaser OL410eps Okilaser OL610 Okilaser OL810e  
Okioffice Series      
Okioffice 2500 Okioffice 2510 Okioffice 2530  
Okipage Series      
Okipage 6 Okipage 6e Okipage 6ex  
Pro Series      
Pro 9431 Pro 9431ow Pro 9541dn Pro 9542dn
Pro 9431dn Pro 9541 Pro 9542  


Origin and present of the company Oki

The company OKI was founded in 1881 and was the first Japanese company for the production of telephone systems. Over time, this resulted in a very successful information and communication company. The headquarters and thus also the company headquarters of the company is located in Tokyo. In Europe the company is under OKI Europe Ltd. listed. This belongs organizationally to the OKI Data Corporation (ODC). In 2006, OKI Data Corporation achieved a total revenue of 1.6 billion US dollars. OKI employs approximately 20,600 people worldwide.

In Germany, OKI sells its products, mainly consisting of color and mono printers, multifunction devices, dot matrix printers, fax machines and printing solutions, under the name of OKI Systems GmbH.
OKI is the market leader in dot matrix printers and ranks 3rd in the category of LED / Laser Color Page Printers.


Toner for OKI printers

In our shop we offer both original and compatible consumables, especially toner, for your OKI printer. Since OKI has only toner cartridges and no ink cartridges in your product portfolio, the OKI devices are especially interesting for frequent or fast printers, as well as companies. Laser printers have the characteristic that they usually print faster than inkjet printers. Therefore, you are particularly interesting when printing a lot or fast. In addition, because of their size, toner often has higher page performance with the same coverage as printer cartridges. Even cheaper print with the help of an OKI LED printer. These print even more efficiently than laser printers.


Need replacement for your OKI toner ?

As already mentioned, we can remedy We have a very wide range of toner for your OKI printer. Simply select the desired product and add it to your shopping cart. By clicking on "checkout" you start the ordering process. After the order, we deliver the ordered item at full throttle to you, so that you usually receive in stock compatible goods within 1-2 working days (original possibly deviating). This is only possible through our efficient goods management and the prompt submission of orders to our shipping partner DHL.


Originals or compatible goods - what is the better choice ?

We can not accept this decision, but we point out the benefits of each choice. Compatible toner for OKI printers are characterized by the much lower price. Compatible consumables can save up to 90%. The toners still work well and the quality of the prints is more than enough in most cases.

If you want to save but still require a very high quality, we advise you to our Colori Premium goods. Due to higher quality components, the Colori product offers a particularly good quality. The printouts of the Colori Premium products are razor-sharp and of high quality.

The original product without question offers the best quality, because toner and device have been developed together and are perfectly matched. Unfortunately, the price of the original product is usually many times higher than the price of compatible goods. The original goods are usually offered at almost outrageously high prices.

Therefore, depending on the needs and application, it is necessary to choose which toners are the best choice.


Do I have warranty on compatible products ?

Yes, you have ! We as a supplier give you a 3-year warranty on compatible goods of the ABC ECO brand. This means that if within three years after receipt of the goods an error occurs or the goods are no longer working we will provide you with quick replacement. For Colori Premium Ware, we even offer a 5-year warranty.

Genuine consumables have a warranty that the original manufacturer estimates. Most manufacturers of original ink & toner offer at least a two-year warranty.


Will my OKI printer lose warranty when using compatible toner ?

No, your printer does not lose the warranty. If your OKI printer breaks down without the benefit of the compatible product (for example, a software defect), you are still entitled to warranty service from the manufacturer. If the damage was caused by a toner or printer cartridge from us, we are liable by Instead of the manufacturer's warranty, our warranty of, as a possible damage from our ink cartridges or toner cartridges was triggered. Thus, you have no risk and are always covered in a warranty case.


Our compatible bestsellers for OKI printers

Below you can see the four bestsellers in the category Compatible toner for OKI devices. This includes both our ABC Eco and our Colori Premium goods.


Compatible Toner TopSeller for OKI Printers :

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