Printer warranty when using alternative products


Printer Warranty When Using Alternative Cartridges / Cartridges

An oft-heard statement is that the printer warranty (if any) will be void if original cartridges are not used. Is this true or not?

The mere use of alternative cartridges does not mean that you no longer have a warranty on your device. The manufacturer's warranty remains unchanged and can not be denied by the manufacturer on the grounds that you have not used original cartridges.

This will behave differently if the alternative cartridges have demonstrably damaged your device. In this case, of course, not the printer manufacturer for this damage, but the manufacturer of alternative cartridges.

Should such a case occur, please contact our customer service. It is important that this happens before the repair of the device and that the defective parts and our cartridges that caused the defect are still there. If the damage has been proven to be caused by our cartridges, the damage will be covered by us.