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Colori Premium and Eco. What are the differences?
Colori Premium is the higher quality, better quality product:

Constant quality through higher quality components. Razor-sharp prints, and generally a bit more print performance. Our recommendation for customers that the quality is more important than the cheapest price.

Eco is the price war product:
This comes from the cheapest manufacturers. The quality is sufficient for most applications.

Why 2 qualities?
The largest share of printer accessories is now sold online. Online is mainly looked after the price. The articles are often bought at the cheapest provider. With original printer accessories you know what you get and the price differences are generally low. For alternative products but not ...

In the case of alternative printer accessories, it is unfortunately the case that many things look the same to the end user, although this is absolutely not the case. There are many manufacturers of alternative cartridges that deliver very different qualities. From very good to unusable.

After 15 years of experience and many millions of cartridges sold, we now know which manufacturers and products are of high quality and which are less usable. The higher quality products produce, in comparison, the fewest complaints and the most satisfied customers. The problem is that these products are often more expensive because of higher quality components (such as toner powder & ink). If we only offered this better and more expensive commodity, we would not be able to withstand the price war in the online business.

Therefore we offer many articles in 2 qualities. The cheaper Eco Ware and the more expensive and higher quality Colori Premium Ware.

Colori 5 years warranty incl. chip updates
In addition, the Colori Premium cartridges also come with a 5-year warranty, whereby future possible software updates are covered by the manufacturers.

As printer manufacturers earn their money selling cartridges, occasionally try to prevent the use of alternative products with software updates. If such a thing occurs within 5 years of purchase with a Colori product, you will receive either a replacement with an updated chip or, if a replacement is not possible*, your money back.

*Since toner / ink is consumable, the used portion of the refund / replacement may be charged pro rata.